Welcome to my Vegetable Garden site!

My name is Jan Kaptein, and I've been involved in the vegetable gardening niche for over a decade.

Something unique about me that I'd like to share is that I turned rough part of grassland into a lush vegetable garden that provides fresh produce for my family year-round.

I started my blog because I wanted to share my knowledge and passion for vegetable gardening with others. Through my posts, I plan to focus on various topics related to vegetable gardening, including tips for beginners, seasonal planting guides, and sustainable gardening practices. My goal is to inspire people to start their own vegetable gardens and enjoy the many benefits of homegrown produce. It really encapsulated why I'm so passionate about this field - the joy of nurturing a tiny seed into a thriving, productive plant.

Outside of vegetable gardening, I enjoy making long walks with my wife and the dog in the great outdoors, which helps me stay grounded and find inspiration for my gardening projects. It's incredible how the beauty of nature fuels my creativity and keeps me connected to the earth.

One way to connect earth and electro energy into my vegetable garden, is to start making use of the knowledge of elektroculture. I will create blogposts and possibly a whole new website to combine this with my VeggieGarden blog. So watch out for it!